November 12th, 2006

dream, tired, sleep

bullet points of joy and complaint

Things that improved my weekend:

  • 90210 season one dvds
  • Target sells organic, soy-free microwave popcorn
  • I figured out how to update my website without using an ftp program

Things that did not improve my weekend:

  • Being repeatedly asked if I was a "technical type" person at the conference I attended on Saturday (this is either because I am female, because I lack the social skills to know how to dive on in to what everyone else is doing, or because I was wearing paisley)
  • Trying to cram 11 computers in my car
  • Spilling my coffee while driving shortly thereafter
  • The changed soundtrack on the 90210 dvds, which could extend into a long rant on IP and derivative works at some point in the future

Now I have to drive back to a small town and unload 11 computers into the basement of an elementary school. Hopefully, it is not flooded. Unfortunately, it is dark.

I either want a husband to hand over the heavy lifting to or a wife to hand over the undone domestic tasks to. Possibly both.