April 30th, 2006

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Bowling idea UPDATE!

Tigard Bowl, where I had my 10th birthday, doesn't have cosmic bowling until 5:30, making it possible to have a party there in the afternoon without removing my eardrums first. They are at a location that I believe is pretty convenient, since it is on the 12 bus line and in the general part of town near me. They also have a pizza restaurant that I remember having had pretty good pizza when I was a kid.

Now, the question becomes one of cost. There's what I can afford to spend on people, and then there's what my guests might be willing to chip in. I also really need to know if our group is going to be over or under 6 people (counting me), since that's the maximum on a lane.

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Thus, I need to know a few things to know if this is a good birthday option, or if I should come up with another idea.

Poll #719867 Birthday Bowling logistics go!

I will probably come bowling on Saturday May 13th sometime between 1-4 pm if:

bowling is free and I get one free slice of pizza
bowling is free and I have to buy my own food
bowling costs around $7 and I have to buy my own food
the party magically switches time/date/location
check here if you're planning on bringing an additonal person(s) and tell me who in the text box below (so I don't count the same person more than once)
I really hate bowling. Can we do something else instead? I'm free at that time. (Suggest stuff in the comments.)

Who are you planning on bringing, and what do you think their poll answers would be?

Other party options I might also be interested in on May 13th, if this bowling thing doesn't happen:

Electric Castle Wunderland (arcade - no food - $2.50 admission charge and games cost 10-25 cents)
Mini golf (I'm still looking for a good place)
Barbecue at my dad's house - find your own ride home since it's not on a bus line
Playing pool someplace
Other, which I'll explain in the comments
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Eugene party announcement

I mentioned this in the bottom of one of the other posts, but I realize that it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

I am splitting the party! [sound of both halves of the party being eaten by giant rats as soon as they separate]

I am definitely doing something in Eugene on May 15th in the evening (this is a Monday, and I have to teach school that day). I am thinking dinner and maybe playing pool somewhere (the Wetlands?), then back to my place for cake and ice cream (those with differing tastes in dinner from whatever restaurant I decide on will still be welcome for cake and ice cream). Those of you living in Eugene (or elsewhere, for that matter) should not feel obligated to come to both parties if you aren't planning to be in those cities at those times anyway. You're welcome to come to both, but my assumption was that Eugene-people would probably rather come to the Eugene-party. (This party is on my actual birthday. I want to have cake and hang out with people on my actual birthday even though it is a Monday, and I just can't swing driving up to Portland on a Monday, hence the two parties.)

I don't really need too much advance notice from people for this one, since I'm pretty much just going to declare a time and place (which I will do soon - I need to think a little bit about where I'd like to eat dinner and when I'm likely to get home from school) and hope people show up - even if pretty much everyone I know in Eugene comes, it's a small enough group that we won't need reservations on a slow night like a Monday, and I plan on overbuying cake and ice cream on the theory that I like cake and ice cream.