April 29th, 2006

party, friends, squished


So, I'm now trying to actually figure out my birthday party. I want to do something Portlandish on May 13th. The internet is not coughing up any mini-golf places closer than Sandy or Wilsonville. Neither is the phone book. I remember two_star and I went mini-golfing SOMEPLACE closer than Wilsonville for his birthday within the past few years, but I can't remember the name of the place or how I found out about it. Monkeyfuck.

Also, it seems that bowling may not work so well as everyone now does Cosmic Bowling, which is an abomination unto my eardrums, on Saturday afternoons. Additionally, all bowling birthday party packages seem to expect at least 8 children, firm numbers in advance, and to charge per person (around 10 bucks), which is not exactly what I had in mind. (I was looking for a flat per hour per lane fee regardless of attendees so I could know how much I'll be spending and have the ability to be very vague with numbers. I also don't really need the bowling alley to provide us with soda, bumpers, a decorated table, and a "party host" to help keep the kids under control. I'd be up for us just showing up at a bowling alley without the "party" trappings, but I still don't want to go during Cosmic Bowling as my eardrums would never forgive me.) Double monkeyfuck.

Ideas? I kind of want to have a party out someplace in the mid-afternoon rather than having another barbecue at dad's in which I get too drunk to be a good hostess and someone else has to deal with the things that are on fire since I can't (usually these things are food and the fire is in a more-or-less appropriate place). I guess that's not a horrible backup plan, though. It's worked out ok for years. I could set up DDR mats and things. Mostly, I would prefer to be someplace more mass-transit friendly so I don't have to figure out how to get people home again.

Oh, and Eugene types: I'm thinking of doing something (probably dinner someplace and certainly cake of some kind) in Eugene on Monday, so you can be excused from driving to Portland for my other party if you want. I want cake on my Real Birthday anyway, and so I guess I'll split the party [sound of both halves of the party being eaten by giant rats as soon as they split up].