November 18th, 2005

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Odd day

Going to campus today was kind of like going to a convention with a very loosely defined theme. See, tomorrow is the big football game between Oregon and Oregon State, so there were lots of people wearing school colors (and at least one wearing the colors of the opposing school). Since the new Harry Potter movie just came out, there were also people wearing house scarves and such. Plus, one girl on the bus was wearing a scarf as a skirt over a pair of jeans for no reason I could determine, and one on campus was wearing a very nice pair of tight velvet leggings with knee boots, which was quite a nice look. After I got a little further onto campus, people seemed to normal-out back to their usual clothes, but seeing all of those in a row was kind of odd, and made me wish I'd worn a more interesting hat today. Or velvet leggings (I only own ankle boots, however).

In other news, I'm postponing the Trivial Pursuit Pie Party indefinitely, since only two people other than me would be able to come, which would mean we'd have to eat two pies each and that's not how I want to spend my post-Thanksgiving Saturday. If people would like to hang out anyway, they're welcome to call me, as it is the vast overconsumption of pie that I wish to delay rather than all possible hanging-out.