October 1st, 2005

food, hungry

Deviled eggs poll!

So, I may or may not make deviled eggs today, as I am hosting a potluck for the math people in the middle/secondary program, and it occurs to me that I have a lot of eggs that could stand to be used up since I haven't been doing as much baking as usual lately.

I've consulted the Joy of Cooking, and among its suggestions for more exotic additions it listed two that I actually have the ingredients for on-hand (always a bonus): chopped ginger and cream cheese, or blue cheese. So, opinions:

Poll #581258 Deviled eggs

I should make deviled eggs with

chopped ginger and cream cheese
crumbled blue cheese
both together
both kinds, but separately
mustard and paprika like a normal person
Tony Danza

In other news, I am so crazy busy with school that I may scream. Having evening classes and having to be at the school in the morning is doing bad things to my sleep schedule, and is slowly sucking away my will to do anything when I am home. I have taken to eating popcorn for dinner, which is probably not a good sign.