August 27th, 2005

flowers, bridesmaid, family, dressed up


I just remembered what I didn't do today: get my cousin Karen a bridal shower gift.

Guess who gets to get up early tomorrow?

This is the second party I've gone to for her, and the actual wedding isn't until October. I'm just glad I come from a small family, because if I had to go through this for too many relatives, I'd go crazy. I'm not wearing a dress to this one. I have no idea if one is supposed to dress up for bridal showers, but as I didn't pack anything formal from Eugene, I don't have anything appropriate for a midrange daytime event around here anyway (I have my suit-type job interview clothes, a rather nice outfit for a dinner date, things to wear when performing in concerts, a few things to wear for a nice photograph, an award ceremony, or a particularly formal wedding, and my collection of prom dresses handy, but none of them would work for an afternoon shower except maybe one periwinkle dress which is far more formal than I feel like being and slightly too small). I may, however, take a shower tomorrow morning in honor of the occasion. Well, that and because it's pretty much time for one. I think I have a pair of black slacks clean and in Portland. If not, I shall be going with the ever popular "jeans and a t-shirt" ensemble. I will also be wearing a rather silly hat, but that kind of goes without saying.

I'm sure Karen's friends will be ever so impressed with me.
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