April 7th, 2005

uncertain, question


I just had to log into hegla to delete some lovely casino comment-spam I'd received there, and it was kind of a surreal experience. See, so I don't forget which account I'm logged into, I have all of my secondary accounts set to Spanish rather than English. I can read Spanish just fine, so it's not really a problem for me, but it's different enough that it reminds me that I'm not in my usual account so I should, say, log out before reading my friends page or I'll miss all of the friends-only entries (I also have it in a different site scheme).

Anyway, it's amazing how much isn't translated. Some *sentences* are partially translated, but usually it's a mixture of translated and untranslated sentences on a page. I imagine that this would be quite frustrating for a non-English-speaker, whereas for me it is just a little jarring to keep shifting gears. I wonder how much is due to lack of English-stripping and how much is due to the translators being behind.
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