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I am the time-wasting master!

I have not gotten anything useful done yet this weekend, but I've been having fun. On friday, squankygurps had an actual Pirate Illuminati adventure. That was great gobs of fun. I should have prepped better, but what else is new. It's kinda too bad that I finally get it going right when qousqous is leaving, but such is life. joyquality is back, though. Whee!

Saturday I watched clipdude play Civ III for several hours, and then went over to my dad's house for dinner and to do my laundry. We watched X Files on DVD. We're up to the 4th season, which appears to be sucking giant rocks. We're kind of sorry that we bought it.

Today I spent too much time on LiveJournal and went to Uwajimaya with clipdude and diantha. They didn't have litchi gummy or what we've been calling "It's so wonderful candy" (not sure what the real name is) in ume. Bah. So I got melon gummy and litchi hard candies instead. Litchi hard candies are yummy. I can't believe I never had litchi growing up. I also got another Digimon toy. I'm such a dork. They didn't have the one I wanted, though. >.<

They also had Kinder eggs! I don't know why, because they're not supposed to, but they do. It's terribly exciting. diantha and both bought some. I got a little car and a weird fish riding a stingray. I'm also terribly proud of myself for staying out of the bookstore, thus preventing myself from spending great gobs of money on all the cds I want. I actually managed to only spend $12.75, which is a lot less than I usually get out of there for.

I also went to Fred Meyer and bought left over Easter stuff for very little money. Yay! I'm going to make my friends have an egg hunt. ^_^

Now, of course, I have a whole weekend's worth of homework to do. I'm going to go see if clipdude is playing Civ III again...

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