November 3rd, 2004

broken heart, sad, heart

There is not enough liquor in the world

I am not generally a political-type poster, and I don't really intend to go on about it much this time either. However, I need to go on about it for a little bit, so bear with me.

Last night, I got "but in purple, I'm stunning" level drunk. I am still so upset that I don't even have anything intelligent to say. I feel that my state has basically told almost everyone I know to go fuck themselves and that they're not real people. I just don't even know what to say.

Well, I do know one or two things to say. One of them is just "fuck" repeated a great many times. The other is that I am very sorry for making a drunken ass of myself, and I'd especially like to thank rathanylakan, shademalek, and giapet for drunk-sitting my hysterical drunken self.

It was nice to see people from high school at the party, too. I hadn't seen Ben or Daniel since I graduated. It's so odd how people keep growing up even when you don't see them anymore. Also, Daniel, I seem to have gotten drunk on your cognac and then repeatedly insisted that you are 12 years old. I am sorry.

I need to find a new method of political protest, as being very drunk is both ineffective and irritating to my friends. Suggestions? I'm about three quarters of the way toward making activism my main focus and becoming one of those loud protester types, but I may be too depressed to even leave the house.



God. Fucking. Dammit.

I'm used to this country being full of asshats on a federal level, but I really expected better out of my home state.
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