October 16th, 2004

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Apartment-warming party

We will be having an apartment-warming party on Saturday, November 13th at our place in Eugene. Y'all should come. We will have liquor, food, and very little space as it is a small apartment, so no active-style games. Crash space is available, but warning would be nice as there are only so many that can go in the beds before we need to scramble for floorspace, and I'd like to get some idea if I'll need to rearrange furniture. (According to a very unscientific study done by some friends of mine in college, 4 people can sleep in a twin bed, for example, but those were all skinny people and it's not something I'd do. We have a twin bed and a full bed as well as a futon, but those of us who are large people but live here insist on first dibs. We have reasonably obvious floorspace for another 3 or so, but if more than 5 or 6 people will be staying over I'll want to fold up one table and maybe move some stuff into the kitchen so more people can sleep in the living room.) Carpooling is encouraged.

Anyway, let me know if that date is really crashingly bad for you. I really can't do it the next weekend (November 20th) because I have to take the fucking MSAT, and it appears that one of you is already having a party the 6th, and another of you is involved in a Halloween party, and anime club is next weekend, so it's either the 13th or in December.

Also, my car got stolen last weekend, which sucks a lot. If any of you see a brown '84 Camry with Oregon plate FWY 119, call the police non-emergency number and me (in that order), so I can get the damn thing back. (They say there's about a 95% chance I'll get it back, since no one steals 20 year old cars to resell. Thus, it's just a case of finding where they abandoned it and hoping they didn't fuck it up badly. Bleh a lot.) I hope they're fucking enjoying it, because it was the main part of my inheritance from my grandmother, and I sure as hell was. (It was also fixed up from a total originally by my (now deceased) grandfather, and so on. I could whine about this for a very long time, but I won't.) Also, they got my two best nightgowns, one out of three bras, and most of my back-to-school shopping, which is a really low blow when you realize how much I hate to shop. I have insurance, so it's really not a money thing, but it's certainly an it was my goddamn stuff and some of it I can't exactly replace thing.

I'm not so good with the writing entires lately.

Today I helped joyquality and flamingweasel move, and then went out to dinner and helped them finish off a pitcher of stout. I am such a good helper, especially with the stout part. qousqous was there as well, and other people who have usernames that I do not recall. I am glad we do not live in the student housing, for the bigger of their 2 bedrooms was smaller than our bedroom here in our non-student apartment, and I could not imagine cramming my bed in there. Also, we have visitor parking (not officially, but we don't have numbered spots or permits, and we've never run out of spots or had anyone care). However, they get a storage room, which is pretty cool, and a patio, which would also be nice. I just want a spare $1,000 or two a month so I could rent a big, awesome house with 4 or 5 bedrooms and a hot tub. That seems reasonable. All I need is vast amounts of money to fall from the sky, or about 10 roommates, which would suck.
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