September 6th, 2004

dream, tired, sleep

For those who were in that conversation and remember

I created the community for coordinating rooming together at Sakuracon and so on. It is teamsquanky, since that was the best suggestion I heard. It's a closed community, since that made sense to me. I'm really tired, so I'm sure I forgot people, but if I remembered to put you on the list you can join it from here: . Otherwise, comment here and remind me to invite you, then go there. Also, let me know if Siobhan ever gets a LiveJournal, especially if you are Sean and therefore have a prayer of actually knowing that she does.

I am so tired. Kumoricon was fun, but I think just seeing my friends and hanging out all weekend would have been fun regardless. I always kind of feel like that about cons; I have a good time, but feel silly that I can't seem to manage to spend a whole weekend with my friends without the additional force of a bunch of events that we mostly skip in order to hang out with each other. Sean and I need to work on not talking until 0500 every single time we see each other, though. Or on not having things to do the next day. Or something. I am so tired.

I have to work tomorrow. This seems bizarre to me. I only have two days of it left, which equally seems odd.

I am moving to Eugene. Everyone keeps asking me when, and I keep telling them I don't have an exact date. I will probably start next week and keep escalating the rest of the month. I am going to miss the Portland people.

I am going to try very hard to stay up until at least 1900 before crashing tonight. We'll see how this goes.

Oh, and Mike put up pictures of my party and the con. If you are in the party pictures, please let Mike know if it's ok to make that a public gallery, because right now he's got it limited to people who were there. (I am only in one of these pictures, and blurrily at that, so those of you on my friends-of list who don't know the other people aren't missing much.) Pictures of people I went to the con with: Gia, Mike, Sean, and Dawn. I was not in costume or wearing interesting clothes of any kind, so once again no pictures of me.
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