May 16th, 2004

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Attn: Chrises

Dear Chrises,

You have each left something expensive and electronic at my house. Please arrange to pick it up and/or have me deliver it to you at your earliest convenience. If you wish, some leftover cake can also be supplied, as I have two cake-halves left from the family and friends parties.

Love, Kisses, and/or Shiny Objects,


Also, congratulations to soshesays and joyquality, as I am indeed 23 years old as you indicated in the poll. Your prize is leftover cake if you manage to stop by my house, which is not terribly likely in either case, but more significantly more likely in one case than the other due to the continent my house is located on.

I think it was a pretty good party. I need to get better at fondue, and learn my lesson about alcohol (just because I probably *can* drink that much and still walk doesn't mean I *should* or that this will actually impress anybody), but the only unintentional fire was easily contained on the stove and nothing got broken, so it seems to have all come out pretty well.

While dollar store party hats and bubbles are worthwhile, dollar store kazoos don't kazoo worth a damn, which was highly disappointing.

It was nice to see people again. I hadn't seen zon14 or zon7 in months, probably since the last time there was a meetup at Rocco's, and I hadn't seen safetygoth in quite a while either. I hadn't seen unkle_social since I crashed on her floor after going to the future and throwing up last December, but that is understandable as she lives in Canada and I have only met her twice. I'd seen two_star at the meetup before last (I don't remember if he was at the last one or not, I got sucked into one small part of a table the whole evening and mostly talked with staff people, Gia and das_hydra)), but it was nice to see him again too. It was also nice to see qousqous and clipdude again, I suppose, but I see both of them fairly regularly. However, qousqous broke my world into little tiny pieces and made me cry. It was also nice to see my cousin Kirsten again, but she left pretty early. She had finals to study for, and I think my friends are a little overwhelming for outsiders at times.

Remind me never to make my ambition at a party to "drink a bottle of each kind of beer, plus at least a small drink of everything that is open" again. That was probably pretty dumb. If anyone has any good stories that I should probably be aware of, especially if they involve me, please do let me know. I think I remember things pretty well, but I'm low on context and rationale on some points, such as the spelling of my name on the cake, why there is Chinese lettering on my whiteboard, and why the eraser for my whiteboard was in the trash.

Also, Jeff, thank you for helping with things. Every time I remember feeling particularly drunk-stupid and overwhelmed, you seemed to be there to do the important things like turning off the gas, lighting fires, and using knives. If you want to have a birthday party next year, I'll do the same for you. Also, I seem to remember the vegetarian Ashley taking over the cooking of hamburgers and a bunch of people helping out with various other things, so just all around thank you for covering for me.

Now, I'd better get some sleep, as it seems to have a pretty good chance of being a Monday in the morning, and that means I should probably go to work.
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