December 12th, 2003

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I have something I'm doing pretty much every day between now and Christmas.

Saturday: Get Christmas tree with Dad and Ann.
Sunday: Yasu's birthday party with (M|T)om.
Monday: Help joyquality with something sewing-related.
Tuesday: See clipdude? Shop? Sleep?
Wednesday: Shop. Shower. Do laundry. Pack for Canada.
Thursday: Canada.
Friday: Canada.
Saturday: Canada.
Sunday: Canada.
Monday: Bake cookies.
Tuesday: Help Grammy. Hopefully learn how to make rolls. Clean Grammy's apartment.
Wednesday (Christmas Eve): Better fucking not be shopping. Possibly bake cookies. Be pleasant to family members.
Thursday (Christmas): Be pleasant to more family members. Better fucking not be baking cookies. Shopping is not worth contemplating.
Friday: Sleep. Ignore rest of humanity until New Year's.

Somewhere in there, I also must fit in birthday parties for each of my parents. Their birthday is on the 19th. I will be in Canada then. I will probably schedule one of them for Wednesday and one for Monday.

PLEA TO THE WORLD: Stop fucking between March and May of each year. There are too many people with birthdays in December. (Special case for the Christian God: please stop immaculately concepting during those months as well. Thanks.)

I think this may be the last year I put up with full-on Christmas. I'm not a Christian, my mom's not a Christian, my dad's not a Christian, and my boyfriend's not a Christian. However, my grandmother is a Christian, and I know this stuff matters a lot to her. She's told me at least 20 times this week how happy she is that I assembled and decorated her tree for her. After I mentioned that I was thinking of baking cookies for gifts this year, she mentioned about 5 times today how much she'd like that. So I know I can't ditch the holiday entirely. However, if I limit myself to purely Grammy-centered activities, I might not go quite as nuts (although I already spent 3 days this week on Grammy-centered Christmas activities, so I may be in for a lot regardless).

So yeah. I'm busy. I have not even started Christmas shopping yet. All the things I can think to get for people involve places that would be a pain in the ass to get to. I think I pretty much only need big presents for (M|T)om, Dad, Grammy, clipdude, and my stepsister Kellie, though. Everyone else can just get cookies. Kellie just gets $20, as that is what each of us gives the other every year, since we only see each other once a year (if that) and don't know each other at all. I think I know what to get for everyone else (except Tom, who is always impossible), I just need to get to the places that have those things, which involves going both downtown and to the east side, neither of which is conveniently located in the suburban hell I live in. I may just do it by mass transit this year like I did last year (parking downtown or in eastside "vaguely trendy areas" is a pain), but I don't have a bus pass this year so that could get expensive as well as time-consuming.

I also just realized that I needed to have done laundry tonight. Fuck.
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