November 19th, 2003

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The thing about most of your friends list living in the same city you do is that when it snows, half of your friends list is filled with messages about it. It's kind of funny.

Anyway, it didn't seem to stick out here, but I also didn't get up until after 1100. It seems to have stopped now. Boo. Being unemployed, I wanted a few nice snow days.
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Christmas card time

Since other people seem to be starting this up again already, I suppose it's time I put up my yearly poll so I know who wants Christmas/Winter/I Like Getting Mail cards this year. Knowing me, they'll go out some time between now and August. Probably. I actually already have the cards because I bought way too many last year, so it's quite possible I'll get around to it fairly soon. Or that I'll do it in August. Anyway, if you want a card, give me your address in the poll. Yes, it's possible that I already know your address. However, that would be dependant on me being able to find it and it being up to date, so answering the poll is the safer bet. I like sending stuff out, so don't worry about bugging me. I'm just not an organized person.

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