November 4th, 2003

bounce, silly, adventure, happy

Attack of my alter-egos!

I was silly all over the place in a thread here: It made me realize that I really need to get off my lazy lack-of-icon-making-ass and make icons for some of those accounts, though. xxnormal_userxx really needs an annoying, brightly-colored, flashing animated .gif of some sort. I'm not sure my artistic skills are quite up to making the icon I want for jesusonastick, but I could at least try. As I now get 50 icons on this account, I suppose I should make some more for it, too. The problem is that I never have any pictures of myself that I like, and I can't really think of good ideas for my other sort of icon that I think I'd actually use (for example,I was only using 12 of my 15 slots before, even though I had some art I did for my mood theme that I could have used, because I doubt I'd ever use those pictures). If I had a functional scanner, I'd probably add some childhood pictures of myself and also some of my pencil sketches, but alas, dad's scanner doesn't work under WindowsXP and my computer needs a new CMOS battery, so it is not to be.
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