October 30th, 2003

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Let's try this "trusting people thing" a little bit...

So, I joined Portland Community Books. Since I have a HORRIBLE record of getting books back when I loan them out, I didn't enter in very much of my library. I'd like to get the warm fuzzies that come from people reading all of my favorite books, but I'm tired of having to buy new copies the next time I want to read them, especially when the other person never did get around to reading them or anything. So anyway, I entered in some of the things I have duplicates of for various reasons, a bunch of Pokemon videos that I bought for no good reason several years ago, and some of my old college books that I either didn't like, don't plan to read again, or didn't get around to reading in the first place and probably won't decide to read at this late date, especially since I already got a C in that stupid class anyway. Also my copy of the Narnia books, because last time I read it the last book made me so mad I almost threw it across the room. If the people using this site turn out to be good about giving things back again, I'll enter in more stuff. Some of my stuff doesn't leave my sight, but most of it is allowed short visits with careful readers. (I have a lot of books that are out of print, and also have a lot of signed books. I've spent well over $1000 on my book collection over the years, even buying the majority of it used. Probably a lot more than that, really, but I don't want to think about my money-wasting ways right now.)

I made my Halloween costume today. It took less than 3 hours, including buying the fabric. If I hadn't stopped to read the paper, it probably would have been more like 1 1/2. Whee. I only spent $15.96 on fabric, too. Yay for a cheap and easy costume for once.

I also went to a book signing today. Berkeley Breathed, the guy who did Bloom County, had a new picture book out, so mom and I went. I wish I'd brought one of his older books to sign, but I always feel like a dork bringing in that kind of stuff when they're trying to promote their new book. I got his latest book, but I'm not such a big fan of his picture books.

As long as everyone already knows I'm a big dork, I might as well whine about Star Trek a bit. I am not impressed by this season's Enterprise at all so far. Someone needs to take away all of their special cameras for a while. I'm tired of how they film their actions scenes. I'm not impressed that they even have that many action scenes, but if they'd quit mucking around with frames per second or whatever the hell they're doing they'd at least be watchable. Also, less with the "action pans". Distracting me from poor writing with camera work will only make me cranky. However, at least this week's episode didn't involve Hoshi wandering around a strange planet in skimpy clothing (because if *I'm* ever creeped out by an alien being wanting my company, I would certainly choose to counteract that by wandering around his house in short dresses with revealing necklines), so it could be worse. This week's episode was actually pretty good, as this season goes. I still get the distinct impression that whatever kind of military background these guys are supposed to come from has the lamest tactics instruction ever, but I'm used to that. Since their enemies apparently have the same training, it all works out.

It's time for bed.
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