August 31st, 2003

party, friends, squished

Anime club and other silliness

Yesterday, I went to animepdx's monthly meeting. It was at fyredancer's place. It was so nice to not have it at my place for a change. giapet, kunzite1, fyredancer, rathanylakan and I were all there, and there were two more people that I didn't catch the names of there as well. We watched a hell of a lot of stuff. We watched Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, GetBackers, Kodocha, Noir, Lime, Chobits, HunterXHunter, and possibly other stuff that I'm forgetting. Everyone in the world has a better collection of anime than I do, but that's ok because they share. ^_^

Then I was going to take kunzite1 home and giapet and I were going to bake cookies. However, we got highly sidetracked at kunzite1's place and ended up hanging out for quite a while. Then we went over to giapet's dorm room, which is way the heck on the other end of town (after a brief detour into Washington since giapet had never been), and hung out there for quite a while too. By this point it was far too late to bake cookies, so we decided to just stop by Blockbuster to rent Kingdom Hearts, drive to my place, grab some X-files DVDs (I wanted to show kunzite1 an episode with the Lone Gunmen in it because I thought he looked like the blond one), and head back to kunzite1's place. I left about midnight, and then had grand plans of videogaming and movie-watching until some obscene and unhealthy hour. I wish I didn't have anything to do today so I could have joined them.

Oh, and note to self: giapet has your copy of FFIX. That's why you can't find it if you go looking for it, and no, you don't need to go buy another copy.

Today, I have to go to a party at my mother's cousin Barbara's house, and the Japanese guy who just came over from the company Tom works for will be there too, so I'll get to meet him. I have a feeling the cookies are just not getting baked. I have time to bake them right now, but I have no butter.

Tomorrow, I get a day to just be a flake around the house, hopefully. I want a simple weekend. I like hanging out with my friends, but I also want a quiet day around the house one of these weeks so I can read, sleep in, and be antisocial.

I also need to take a shower, but that really shouldn't wait until some theoretical future weekend, so I'd better go do that.
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