August 27th, 2003

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Meetup: whee!

Well, I went to the meetup tonight. It was pretty fun. A bunch of people came, including brad, whitaker, and evan, which was cool. They were selling LJ T-shirts cheap (normal price - shipping) because sandy wants them out of her house.

Hung out with giapet. She's one of those people that makes me hyper. We probably scared some people. Ah well. zind4gi, zon14, and zon7 all came, but all left early for various reasons. Neither clipdude nor qousqous were in town this month. shademalek came, though. So yeah. Whee, people.

I'm really tired but have too much caffeine in my system. I also met a bunch of new people and promoted animepdx, so we might get some new members. That'd be cool.


Sleep time. I have to get up at 0630. Lousy reality messing up all my fun.
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Concert fun whee

I went to go hear Heather Alexander tonight. It was lots of fun. There are few things cuter than a small child (still-in-a-high-chair small) singing along with all his heart to a drinking song. (The same small child singing along to March of Cambreadth is right up there, though.)

Anyway, I had fun. Mom bought one of her CDs (I already have all of her CDs). Some of you should really come with me one of these times.

My dad just got home, so I need to get off the computer. Tomorrow, I will catch up with my friends list and see who added me after the meetup.
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