May 30th, 2003

party, friends, squished

DDR reminder!

Reminder to myself, qousqous and whoever else was thinking of meeting us there (clipdude? ellipsisdbg? Other people who I've forgotten?): DDR at the Wunderland that's part of the Avalon (SE 35th and Belmont) at 1315 Friday. We will be pathetic, lack rhythm, be out of breath, and be routinely outdanced by middle school boys. (I seem to remember that middle school boys wouldn't dance at school dances when I was in middle school. Do they now?) Go us. I can't remember quite what admission costs (over $2 but under $3?), and DDR is $0.25 a game in nickels. The DDR machine is in the back room at the bottom. Don't bother with the fake DDR at the top of the room, the sensors don't register very well and need much stomping. Whee.

Hopefully, my back won't be sore by then. Otherwise this could be interesting/painful.
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party, friends, squished

Why do I do this?

I looked through a huge ass list for Cosplay sites to try to find more picture of Siobahn and maybe one of greatblondelf. What do I find? One of shademalek, who wasn't, you know, in costume particularly. It's part way down here, probably of interest if you know him, thus I'm not bothering to explain which one:

greatblondelf and Siobahn, I think the internet fame gods hate you.

Today, I played 4 games of DDR at Wunderland with clipdude and qousqous. I'm going to want to die tomorrow. I think this is the first time I've ever gotten an A on any song (stop laughing). Whee. I also got another stuffed bear out of a claw machine. This one is leopard print. qousqous got two stuffed animal keychains at once out of one of those machines. It was pretty cool. I was really late getting there because I left the house a little late, got stuck in traffic, and then had to wait for a drawbridge. Bah.

I so should be asleep by now. Scenic train ride bright and fucking early tomorrow.
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