May 28th, 2003

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A busy day, then a quiet one

Yesterday, I went over to Grammy's to do chores like I do every week. However, since clipdude had been over most of the previous weekend my sleep schedule was still a bit messed up and thus I didn't feel tired enough to sleep until about 4 in the morning. Thus, to borrow a phrase from qousqous, I was something of a zombie munky all day. A huge coke from Carl's Jr. pretty much changed that into a spacey-but-awake munky, though. Whee caffeine and sugar.

Anyway, this week Grammy had me digging a trench in the flower bed to put in this plastic little retaining wall thingie. She has a problem with water running onto the sidewalk, and she doesn't like that since it wastes water. The problem is that she has a soaker hose and it also "soaks" some bare earth where nothing is planted, and the water there tends to run onto the sidewalk. Anyway, I spent a few hours digging a trench and putting in the little wall, and got completely muddy. Really, what we need to do is put in some plants over the bare earth, but Grammy fell over a few times gardening last summer, and before he died Gramp-o Bob-o made her promise she wouldn't plant anything new and stop gardening. One of her neighbors does most of the gardening in that plot now (Grammy lives in an apartment) but Grammy feels the need to tend the things that she has already planted, pull weeds, and generally fuss at things. Since I don't really want her doing these things on her own (she has some balance issues and is starting to walk with a cane), I try to do them when I'm doing her chores.

After that, I stopped by the office supply store on my way home and got some stickers to make name labels for the meetup. I had a hard time figuring out which ones to get, and the employees were surprisingly nice and helpful to a sweaty and grubby twentysomething looking to make a 10 dollar purchase. They even got out an already opened box so I could make sure I was buying the kind with the right kind of adhesive for name tags. (I wanted smaller ones than normal name stickers, so I bought address labels. Also, I wanted a smaller box since I didn't need very many.) The checker also flirted with me, which was really weird. I don't usually get that sort of thing (or, to be honest, like that kind of thing).

Then I came home, make nametags, and took a shower. I ran out of shampoo (clipdude, have you been using my shampoo? I don't recall it being that low) and had to drip my way into dad's room to get another bottle, but at least I wasn't stinky, greasy, and dirt-covered at the meetup. I also changed into my LiveJournal shirt, because I'm sad that way.

I was the first person at the meetup, which wasn't good. I almost got panicky and had to go wait in the car, but I got myself calmed down enough to stay in the restaurant and wait there. Fortunately, the first other LJers there were zind4gi and his friend estepp, so I didn't have to hang out with a total stranger first. The meetup went pretty well, except that the food was not my type of thing. I'm just not a big sandwiches, soup, and salad person. If I'd known, I would have grabbed something on the way. I don't like eating those things out since they are so easy to fix at home. I eat out pretty rarely, and I like to get things like pizza that don't taste the same at home. I can make a damn fine turkey sandwich without spending $5, thanks anyway. The beer was fine, although not as good as my current favorite beer, the optimator (I think) that I get at Gustav's.

clipdude spelled out his username in pretzels, and so then I had to also. We were using the last of the pretzels zind4gi had bought before he left, and after those were used up estepp gave us a generous grant of another bowl with which to pursue other people's names. We eventually did the whole alphabet. clipdude has pictures, and I have the actual pretzels. I never want to see another damn pretzel.

After the meetup, I hung out with clipdude. We went for a drive, but I kept falling asleep (he was driving). Then we went back to his place and I took a nap for a little bit and then drove home. They finally towed all of the non-functional cars out of the visitor parking at his apartment complex, so it's nice and easy to park over there now.

Today, I woke up sore and at about 1300. I didn't do a damn thing today other than cook, watch tv, and do internet stuff. It hurts to move. Bah. I wish I could take a bath, but that would involve finding some way to plug the drain since we put a strainer on it rather than a stopper (we were having issues with hair getting in the drain). I'm tempted just to take a nice long shower on "massage" setting, but I know I'd run out of hot water before my back felt better. Tomorrow: Costco and my mother's house. We're donating a lot of Gramp-o Bob-o's shoes to the veterans, but mom wanted to make sure that clipdude didn't want them first. Turns out that he's an 11 and Gramp-o was a 12, so that didn't work out. I wish I could wear them, but I'm only an 8 1/2 in men's. Anyway, I have all of these shoes in my trunk, so they're going to mom's tomorrow.

Oh, and Heather Alexander is playing at the Lucky Lab in Multnomah next Wednesday, and I'm going to go with my mom. I was supposed to take mom to hear her several years ago at Rock Creek Tavern, but that was the day after 9/11 and mom didn't want to go out, so she's never been. It's kind of sad. I really wanted to take Gramp-o, but because he didn't go that time he never got to go. I think he would have really liked her. Anyway, if anyone else wants to hear Celtic and Celtic-style music with no cover, she's pretty good. She sings, plays guitar, plays bodhran, and plays fiddle (not all at once). It starts at 1900 and lasts until 2100. I'm guessing 21+ since they serve beer, but I don't know for sure.

I'm sore and I'm going to try to sleep. I have to get up at 0700 on Saturday for a "scenic train ride" with the family, so I'm trying to coax my body back on am earlier schedule.
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