March 29th, 2003

bounce, silly, adventure, happy

Anime club! Whee!

animepdx had its first meeting tonight. We went over to gelasia's place and watched Darkside Blues, which I rented from Hollywood video on the basis of it being one of about 6 anime DVDs they had, and one of only 3 that wasn't in both a series and not the beginning. (I also rented another DVD that met this test so as to give people a choice.) giapet, shademalek, squeakymonkey, Pete (squeakymonkey's SO) and clipdude all came. I baked cookies for everyone. gelasia's cat seemed to like them a lot...crazy hyper kitty.

Then gelasia, giapet, shademalek, clipdude and I went to wyth, which was some kind of gothy art show with loud music. We ran into onrevolution and someone else (autumndreamer? I can't remember usernames at the moment). Then after a while safetygoth (Jeff) showed up and was very surprised to see me there. (I don't make a habit of hanging out at gothy art shows.) After a while, I gave giapet and safetygoth rides home. My car was such a mess. ^_^;; Tomorrow, I'm going to clean it out because it's getting really bad. The trunk is full of stuff from my grandmother's apartment and the backseat was full of assorted junk/fast food bags (which are now also in the trunk).
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