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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
00:16 (22.01.03) - Two Towers, lunch with mom
Well, I actually remembered to go to lunch with (M|T)om and the grandparents this week. (Last week I overslept.) I had the nastiest French Dip sandwich ever. They used pot roast. No. Just no.

In other news, I finally got to see LOTR:TT today. There were only about 4 people in the whole theater. I really didn't remember much of anything from the book since I hadn't read it in 12 years, except that in my head the battles had a lot fewer people in them. I think I probably missed a lot when I read those books, mostly because I've re-read other books that I read at about that age and noticed entire subplots that I missed. However, I'm not going to re-read them now because then I'd get all nit-picky at the movies and that's no fun.

Then dad and I went to dinner at Grand Lodge, and it turns out that Ian's sister works there. She recognized me and of course I had no clue who she was. I'm terrible with names and memorable-looking, which is a bad combination. I've had people I knew in preschool come up to me and recognize me before. >.<

Tomorrow I have game again. I really need to figure out how to play my cleric, but he sort of rolled up as this misanthropic type and he also has a stutter (side note: I hate random character generation systems) so it's hard to ger him much involved in anything. Bah. It's especially bad since this is a "harmony in the group/advance the damn plot" GM rather than a "true to character" GM, which means that I can't have my character do things like ditch the party or refuse to help since he has no reason to. It's really hard to play a character that doesn't want to be there when the GM doesn't give your character much motivation for staying with the group or anything. If we'd used a non-random character creation process I would have simply created a character that liked people and wanted to work in a group, of course. Ah well. I'm sure it'll work out eventually.

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