December 28th, 2002

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Yesterday's adventure, or In Which We Learn To Ask "What Kind Of Bar?"

Well, Ian called me the other day and we talked for a really long time getting caught up, which was nice. Then yesterday, clipdude and I went and picked him up and we all hung out. We went to The Batcave (once again following tradition of getting lost along the way) and to that Thai restaurant that Ian likes. (Amusingly enough, this is also what Ian and I did on our first "date" many long years ago. (Date is in quotes because it was one of those never-officially-dating relationships (which I do not recommend, by the way).)) (Yay triple parentheticals!)

Then we went to Uwajimaya, where Ian became annoyed because they only had canned lychee in syrup and he wanted it in water. We then went to Borders, where I bought manga and The Book of Ratings. (Fushigi Yugi #7 is out! Yay! Of course, I have to re-read 1-6 since I've forgotten what was going on.) Ian started reading aloud from Black's Law Dictionary. That was fun.

Some friend of his then called him and wanted to meet him at a bar downtown, so we headed off that direction. When we get there we quickly discover 3 things:
1) It is a gay bar
2) There are strippers
3) His friend is not here yet
Great. So we wait in a little clump for them to show up, and finally decide to wait outside instead, as it is loud, hot, smoky, and naked in there. Finally, the girl he was waiting for shows up, and then so does her friend. After trying to make the best of this for a while, Ian says that we're going to the Roxy instead, and we leave. Then we talk for a bit outside the Roxy and conclude that Chris and I are going to go home and that Ian is going to go back into the gay bar again. Since this conclusion included magical concept of "me going home" I was all for it. I told Ian that if he got back out my way before MAX stopped running for the night that I would drive him home, but he didn't call so I presume he found his own way home (or to a crashable-on floor, at least).

Today I am going to go to a movie with my grandmother. This will not involve gay bars or strippers of any kind (as far as I know).

Tomorrow I may well go to church, although I'm not sure if I should or not since the only reason I'd go is because they are performing "A Ceremony of Carols" which I'm quite fond of. However, I am probably equally out of place going to church and going to a gay bar, all things considered, and doing both in one weekend might be overkill. If I had been raised Christian I would have been Presbyterian, and it's at a Presbyterian church, and I'm trying to convince myself that that means it's ok to go. We'll see. I'll probably avoid the whole issue by oversleeping.
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