November 21st, 2002

childhood, 12, wistful, nostalgic

Techno Geek is Having a Quandary

Heh. I just remembered something that happened at a party back in high school. Russell (this guy who was always friends with the people I was friends with, although we were never friends) was trying to figure out qousqous's stereo, and was having trouble, and so I said in my best narrator-in-a-superhero-tv-style "Techno Geek is Having a Quandary" and the whole party cracked up. I don't think Russell found it that funny, but everyone else sure did. It even made the yearbook memories that year, the only thing of mine that ever did. (Which is sad, because there was this really long thing about Hayley calling me Garfunkel and I forget all what from a school camping trip that I'd really wanted to have included. Ah well.) Anyway, I've decided to change my LiveJournal "real name" to Techno Geek is Having a Quandary, which basically means it'll show up next to my username on support requests. I have a feeling that this post sounds really dumb, but it was funny if you were at that party, and I think the line sums up my current behavior pretty well. So yeah. This is Linnea being a dork and remembering things from high school, when she was obviously much cooler. You can just tell.
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