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Friday, November 1st, 2002
12:08 (01.11.02) - Bleh
I'm in the terminal lab at school. I'm supposed to yet again being doing battle with tcl. I'm tired and my stomach feels funny. I want a vacation. Bleh. I'm tired all the time now. Why am I still in school again?

current mood: sick

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16:30 (01.11.02) - An open letter
Dear person who has twice today started playing music on your laptop in the lab,

Some of us do not find your taste in music is conductive to thinking. Kindly stop before I break your speakers to make it stop.



current mood: annoyed

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21:55 (01.11.02) - Grumble grumble GRR!
My computer just rebooted itself for no reason and then after it rebooted decded that it didn't like this whole "network" thing and wasn't going to connect to the internet at all. Fuck it. I'm on dad's box for now, and I'll bug someone about helping me fix it tomorrow. What really sucks is that I was talking to Sean for the first time in forever and I can't even get on ICQ from here in order to tell him why I disappeared. So Sean, if you're reading this, it's because of the evil computer from hell a local shop that I wouldn't ever buy from again even if they were still in business. It needs major work and I've been too busy to start on it. >.< (Among other things, it needs a new cmos battery.)


current mood: cranky

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22:53 (01.11.02) - GAH!
And now the toilet broke. Aren't I just the fucking embodiment of chaos tonight? >.<

I'm going to bed before anything else decides to break.

current mood: cranky

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