October 3rd, 2002

Halloween 2000, pirate costume, costume, pirate

Thinking about Halloween

I'm trying to figure out what to go as for Halloween. I need to start making my costume and I'm not sure what it should be yet...last year I went as a dark faerie and the year before I was a pirate. I don't know what to be this year...

For those of you who have never met me, keep the following things in mind when suggesting costumes:

- I have really long thick dark hair, which makes wigs tricky

- I'm busty

- I'm overweight

- I'm not made of money

- I live in Oregon, where it is cold and rainy

- I plan to sew this myself

Poll #64978 Halloween 2002

What should I dress as for Halloween?

If I had a Halloween party on Halloween (which is a Thursday) would you come?


If I had a Halloween party the weekend before, would you come?