September 29th, 2002

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More grad school orientation stuff

Friday was the all-school orientation (the rest of the week had been departmental stuff). It was really boring and was just sitting in a big room and going over policy stuff. Boy, do they beat the "Academic Integrity" thing into the ground here. I mean, they've gone over the policy with us in exhaustive detail at least two or three times in addition to putting it in multiple handouts and booklets. At LC they just put it it the student handbook and assumed that we'd read it. It seems to me by the time you get to grad school you should be used to such things and not need a big lecture on them. Bleh.

There was a barbecue afterward, which was kind of fun. It had free beer ^_^. (Good beer, too, Bridgeport, not Budweiser or something.) The first table of people I sat with were talking to each other in Chinese and so I really couldn't get involved in their conversation, though. Bah. So I sat with different people after I got up to get more food, and that worked better.

I also got my student ID thing on friday, and bought a yearly bus pass so I can frolic off downtown in all of my imaginary spare time. LC wouldn't sell reduced price bus passes to people who bought parking permits (which I think is really dumb, since some people want to take the bus some days and drive other days, and anyway, I lived on campus and could have easily used the bus for some of my trips, although I needed a place to store my car regardless) so I haven't had a bus pass in a few years.

Yesterday student council had a pizza lunch and scavenger hunt thing, which about 12 people showed up for (out of a class of about 120). We had fun anyway, though. I was on a team with Kristy, Christopher and Leon (not his real name, but I can't pronounce his Chinese name, so I'm going to go by that anyway. He can't pronounce "Linnea" either (it comes out something like "Ling-Leia") so he calls me "L.J."). Lyle, one of the organizers, followed us around too. It was fun, although the scavenger hunt wasn't really planned very well. They wanted us to go do all of these things in order on public transit, which meant the teams all bunched up when we had to wait for the same infrequently-running bus. Oh well. After a complex and silly rules debate, our team won. (Which basically came down to us being the fastest at dialing our cell phones, of all silly things.) So we all got 2003 Thomas Guides, which is cool. ^_^

After the scavenger hunt, my "team" decided to keep hanging out together, so we went to Powell's Technical Books and I bought textbooks for my classes (except for AI, which has an annoyingly hard to find textbook), then we went to the real Powells and I found a copy of the book club edition of the Last Herald Mage books by Mercedes Lackey. Being the big dork I am, I bought it even though it was expensive and I already have copies of all of those books. It's the book club edition! It's special! It's all of the books in one! It has different cover art! It's hardback! I am such a dork.

Anyway, then we walked all the the way the hell across downtown (it would have made more sense to take the streetcar, but we weren't sure we'd know when to get off of it) to go to Market Street Pub for dinner. That was fun. We played a game (which probably annoyed the hell out of everyone else) in which we tried to come up with a different song that mentions each color in the rainbow (ROY G BIV, remember?). We came up with stuff for everything but "violet", which none of us could think of a song that mentions. Did I mention that the requirement was that you had to sing part of whichever song you came up with? Did I mention that the rest of the pub probably hated us? Anyway, Kristy didn't believe that "Mood Indigo" was a real song even after I sung part of it, so later at the MAX station (it's about 2100 by this point) whee some older people (probably in their 60s or 70s) asked us a question about MAX, I asked them to tell her it was a real song. (It's an old swing or jazz song.) So I got little old ladies to sing with me at the MAX stop. That was lots of fun. ^_^.

Now I'm all sore from walking all over the place and from the beach trip. I was so tired and sore last night that I was having trouble walking after I sat down for a while.

Now I'm going to go meet my mom for lunch.
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