September 26th, 2002

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We all went to the beach today as part of orientation week. I got sand all over. It's in my hair, for crying out loud. I had fun, though. We dug a big hole. Actually, we dug several holes and then collapsed the walls between them to make arches. I was the first person willing to go through one. (Nathan went through too, but after I did.) I was also the only girl who got really into this project...I was also probably the most sopping wet and sand-covered person there. I must have been sick whichever day they explained to all of the other girls why playing in the dirt wasn't fun anymore. I was also one of the few people to wade into the ocean....I wonder what everyone else thinks of me. Heh. At least they probably all know who I am now. I'm the crazy girl who acts like a 5 year old boy. Whee.

I also played a card game with Kristy (I think that's her name and how she spells it) in the bus on the way there, which was fun as well. (On the way back Kristy was in front of me and Nathan sat next to me, but he mostly slept and I read a book.) So anyway, whee.

In other news, my car is having all kinds of exciting brake problems, so it gets another trip to the mechanic tomorrow. The left brake doesn't work, which makes stopping interesting because the car pulls really strongly to the right when I brake and also it takes a lot longer to stop. Like I don't have enough black holes to throw money into right now...I'm sure dad'll pay for it, but I was hoping to hit him up for money for textbooks and now I would feel bad if I did that, since he's paying to have my damn car fixed again...*sigh*. I finally got through to a human being in financial aid, at least, and after a good 15 minutes they determined that they hadn't bothered to put my information together because I'm an OGI student and they're not used to dealing with that. So they're going to send me Yet Another Form to fill out, and then they better give me some damn money, or at least a loan. As I told dad "If I don't get the form in the mail tomorrow, I'm calling them Monday. You don't want to *know* what I'm calling them if I don't get the form by Monday."

So yeah. But I had fun at the beach. My hair is full of sand. My shoes are full of sand. My car, in addition to having cranky brakes, is full of sand. My backpack is full of sand. But it's fun sand, so it's all ok. Except for the brakes, which are still bad. But not because of sand.
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