September 19th, 2002


Reason why Sean and I are different #5439076439

"Oh yeah, you're one of those people who plays board games. I never could get into that." (or something along those lines, anyway.)

He was worried about me coming up today "because there might not be anything cool going on tonight".

Heh. He clearly has no grasp of my current social life. So far, the highlights of my week have been going to Shari's for appetizers and dessert with Chris for our anniversary and going to Rock Creek Tavern last night and having a whole pint of beer for the first time. I wasn't really intending to order a pint, but dad ordered a pint of IPA and then Terminator for me, and I guess they just assumed I'd want a pint too. That makes 0 out of 3 as far as getting carded there goes. Not that I'm complaining. The thing is, I'm not complaining about my social life either. I *like* just hanging around the house. I just want people to hang out with. I don't need to go places all the time or anything like that. Having one or two friends over and playing video or board games is fun for me. So is going out to eat.
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Heading out

Ok, I'm heading to Seattle at about 1500 with qousqous to see greatblondelf. I should be there about 1800-1900, probably, and it seems likely that we'll be there until tomorrow morning. If anyone wants me to give them a call while I'm up there, I've enabled text messaging for friends only, so you can send me your number if you want. I'm not sure whether or not this costs me extra, so please don't use it just to send me random silliness. That's what comments are for. ^_^

Those of you who have my cell phone number are, of course, welcome to call me directly.

I am having an adventure! Yay! With someone else to help me drive, which gives me all kinds of warm safety fuzzies.
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