September 8th, 2002

cranky, stressed, annoyed, frustrated


The next person who makes a wildly-OT post about Sept. 11th in a community I watch gets smacked. Especially if it is poorly spelled, poorly thought out and/or contains the phrase "pass this on to everyone you know!" (Posts that contain things like "tel evry1 u can!!!!!!!!!1" are not worth contemplating.) These posts are getting damn annoying. If you want to write something reflective in your journal, go for it. If you want to post annoying nonsense about whatever you think it is we should all do to mark the date in your journal, go ahead, it's your space. But don't post it in a damn community with nothing whatsoever to do with it. Just because I have long hair does not mean I want to watch a damn video. Just because I'm interested in cosplay doesn't mean I want to read your whatever-the-hell it was. Less related to this but also true, just because I like Babylon 5 does not mean I give a fat damn about Tori Amos. I'm sure that there are many communities where such things are on topic, or at least communities like offdatopic where it doesn't matter. Thank you.
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