August 30th, 2002

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Conflicted over something even stupider than usual

Ok, I'm a big dork. No, I mean an even bigger dork than I usually let on.

I've saved all my email since I got on the internet back in '97. (Except for virii, which I deleted, because even I'm not dumb enough to save those.)

The problem? My internet provider has recently set up this web-based spam filter thing, so spam doesn't end up in my mailbox unless I release it from the filter. So far, the filter is doing a good job and hasn't caught anything I actually wanted to see. The problem is that stuff gets deleted out of the filter in a week unless I send it on through. So I'm torn on whether or not I want my spam. I mean, I wish spammers would all be sent to a very special level of hell (if hell doesn't exist, which would fit with my religious beliefs just fine, then I think we should create a reasonable facsimile thereof just for the spammers and put them there) and I don't want to get any spam at all, but since I do, I've been saving it. Since 1997. So now I don't know what to do. Bah. This sucks.

In other news, I've had more dreams about Sean. Last night, I dreamed he had some weird medical problem and I had to protect him or something. It didn't really make any sense, and I think I went rock climbing. Possibly while drunk. My subconscious is an odd place.

I should sleep, but my sleep schedule is all of the fuckedupness, and I have the Adventures of Pete and Pete song stuck in my head. Not that the second thing really has much to do with me getting to sleep.
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I got interim privs! Yay!

I just got interim privs. Yay! Umm...yeah. The being-a-big-dork-thing is certainly still in full force, because I'm all excited about this. Basically, this means that I can see other people's screened answers and internal comments on support requests. Also I can move stuff, but that's isn't likely to come up much. So I'm a big excited dork.
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