August 28th, 2002

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Yay! League Champions!

Today was the last day of summer bowling league, and dad and I won! Yay! And I actually ended on a pretty good day, too. I made my average all 3 games, and picked up more spares than I usually do. My token Really Stupid Move was to bowl a ten pin pickup ball at a 4-6 split and miss on the outside (it would have gotten the 10 pin, had it been there) but as such things go, that's pretty minor, and at least it looked cool. We also came in second in today's sweeper. Apparently they gave us plaques of some kind after I left. I didn't know that they'd do that in this league or I would have stayed. ^_^;;

So, a poll:
Poll #56528 Algeh's bowling winnings

What should I do with my winnings?

Save it, since I'm broke and trying to pay for grad school
Blow it on manga and possibly DDR stuff
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