July 19th, 2002

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Well, there's a TMBG show in town and I'm not going. I was going to, but I realized that I would probably end up hating it, and I don't need to spend $20 to be miserable.

The last two times they came to town, I went with Becku. The first time there was a large group of us (we ate at Montage and I dumped a glass of water on Eben's head. It was quite a night) and the more recent time just the two of us went, since we'd lost track of the other people since the time before. It'd be kind of weird to go without her, but I'd probably go anyway under normal circumstances. However, I've been having panic attacks in crowds lately, and TMBG always plays at the kind of venues without assigned (or sometimes, any) seating. Bleh. I could barely handle Phantom of the Opera last weekend, and that had assigned seats and a reasonably quiet crowd. This sucks. I want to go, but there's just no way I can. Bah. Also, I really shouldn't be spending money right now, since every $20 I spend is another $20 I'll have to borrow in order to go to grad school this fall (I finally decided to go to OGI, but I think I forgot to mention that).

Bleh. Also, I went over to mom's house and ended up getting upset about Sean for no good reason while going through my stuff looking for my old sheets (since I'm getting sick of the ones on my bed and don't want to spend the money on new ones, I went looking for the ones I used in high school since I had the same size bed then). I found the purple ones with the big rip in them, my purple unicorn ones, and my purple satin ones, but not the non-ripped purple ones I was looking for. (So I liked purple in high school. Stop laughing.) Bleh. I'm not going to use the ripped ones or the unicorn ones (which I have 3 pairs of, one of which is unopened. Stop laughing.), but the satin ones have some potential. I'd still rather have my other sheets though. >.< I'll have to go back and look again later. I can't believe thinking about Sean can still make me cry over two years later. I'm pathetic. I'm also going to bed. Neither of the previous two statements is in the least surprising. Whee.
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Somebody stop me

I am such a dork. I made journals for two of my RPG characters, one of which I haven't actually played yet. (That game starts this weekend.) I'm not happy with the pictures, but my dad's scanner isn't working so I can't scan in the pencil drawings which I like a little bit better (although they're still not quite how I picture them).

sweetcerise is my character for diantha's GURPS game, which starts this weekend. She's a 15 year old girl who has a lot of energy and is curious about everything, although she tends to forget to do things and doesn't stay with any one thing long. She loves climbing trees and spends most of her time outdoors. She'll be a magic user eventually, but diantha doesn't want us to start out with any spells.

sexyleander is my character for penumbrafox's 2nd Ed AD&D game, which we started last weekend. (We've decided to rotate GMs and games every weekend.) I think this is the first time I've played an incorrigible flirt. It's kinda fun. He's an elf, but he doesn't much act like it, he spends most of his time in human cities working as an entertainer instead. He currently seems to be experiencing unrequited love/lust/interest/gods know what for Amberlee, an NPC. He is facing some competition for her from moonshadow_elf, who he has also hit on to some degree. The two of them once made Amberlee run straight into a group of goblins to get away from their combined attentions.

So anyway, instead of doing something productive, I'm burning invite codes like there's no tomorrow. Whee!
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