June 20th, 2002

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I am such a dork

I was puttering around the support board, and I just added someone to my friends list for no better reason than that they have the first name I would have had if I had been born a boy and I've never seen someone with that name before (Kjell). They just got their account and have no entries of yet, so I couldn't even leave a comment to explain why I friended them out of the blue. Yay me being a stalker.

He appears to be from Sweden, judging from the other email address mentioned in his support request, so he probably will not understand my whole being-excited-over-his-name thing. At least my mother gave the impression of it being a reasonably common name over there, but she and my aunt disagreed over how to pronounce a "kj" at the last holiday dinner (this came up because apparently cousin Kirsten was nearly named Kjirsten instead, and Susan said it would still be pronounced the same, whereas mom said with would be more like a "sh"-type sound) and I'm not sure who to believe or if either of them really know much about naming conventions in Sweden. I didn't even know that there was supposed to be an accent mark in my name (Linnea, and it's over the e but I forget which mark) until college when the guy working in the cafeteria wrote it down that way on my order slip. Of course, mom's parents Americanized the spelling of hers so it's Signa and not Signe.

This is probably was more than you guys want to know about my family's pathetic attempts to preserve some Swedish culture even though we've been in America for at least 4 generations (I forget if it was my great grandfather or great great grandfather who came over). Yes, I'll probably give my kids Swedish names too, since I think that's kind of a nice tradition, actually. That's a ways off yet, though.

Oh, and Microsoft is evil.. More so than usual, actually. Every time I think they've hit bottom, they keep getting out the shovel...maybe they'll dig all the way though the earth and fly out into space. I think I'd rather like that.
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