June 8th, 2002

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Oh dear...

If everyone who has expressed interest in joining my GURPS game (squankygurps) actually does, it'll have 9 total players, with 8 of them probably playing this summer. That's a fucking lot of players compared to the about 4 I've been playing with...I don't think I've ever run a game with more than 5 (although I've played in games with more). I hope I don't have to adjust my GMing style too much...
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I got another code-begging comment >.

I got another person bothering me for a code in my last entry. I thought I'd share the email I sent back with all of you.

Hello Katie,

Let me tell you a story. When I was 8, I wanted a Nintendo Entertainment system quite badly. I asked my parents, but they said we didn't need one and it cost too much money. (This is when they first came out.) Many of my friends had them, but I didn't. Because I really wanted one, I decided to start saving my money. At the time, they cost $99.99. My allowance was about $1.00 a week, maybe less. After over a year of saving almost all of my allowance and my birthday and Christmas money (I asked people to give me money instead of gifts because I was saving up), I had finally, at 9 years old, gotten the $100.00 I needed for my Nintendo. My parents did not give me any extra money for it at all. It took discipline, but it was worth it. If I can save $100.00 before the age of 10, I bet you can save $5 or $6 at the age of at least 13. If you can round up about $6, you can get a money order from a grocery store, post office or convenience store and buy your own account. Anyone can get a money order, you do not need to be 18. I only give out codes to my friends, because those are the people who I would like to follow the lives of. I consider it very rude of you to ask in my journal, since, from the fact that you have never commented before and didn't mention a single thing about my entry, I assume you have not actually read it. If it is important enough to you to have a LiveJournal of your own, you can find the money. If it isn't, there are plenty of other places to keep a journal.

May squirrels never take a liking to your teeth,
L.J. Thompson

"Freedom's dream has fallen far
A million rules have dimmed its star
We don't like the way we are
Bring it down, bring it down"
-Leslie Fish, "Bring it Down"

(Incidentally, that story is completely true. I even took all of my small bills and change to the bank first to get a $100 bill. I still have a picture of me holding it up right before I went to buy the Nintendo. I wish I'd saved the penny I got back.)

I'm always torn on this kind of stuff, because I do wish the invite code system would go away, mostly because I like the idea of being able to create a journal that can't be traced back to this one by anyone. (Not so much because I want to do so, more because I want to be *able* to do so.) I know I could probably do this with a money order, but I'd like it to be easier. On the other hand, I don't like it when people bug me asking for change, and this is kind of the same thing. I really can't think of too many situations in which someone couldn't save $5 if it was really important to them. It might take a while, but I don't see that as a problem. If it's not important enough to them to save the money and they'd rather just annoy people, then I don't really want them to have a journal, because they'll probably just use that to annoy people as well. It's quite possible that this girl won't even have any idea who sent her that email, since I didn't include my username and she probably posted her message on every journal she could find. I wonder if she'll write back.

Update: She wrote back, and was very polite. I'm glad that went well. She's looking in to getting a paid account.
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