May 10th, 2002

dream, tired, sleep

Done with finals!

All of my finals, papers and assorted crap are now done! Now it's just graduation crap, such as remembering to pick up my cap and gown, which I still get my diploma if I blow off.

I got practically no sleep last night, because I was trying to study for my stupid differential equations final and because clipdude had to check out of his room at an obnoxious hour this morning. Residence life is the devil. They also canceled all the flex points yesterday, even though that cafeteria's open today. Bastards. I love how during NSO they're all warm and fuzzy, but when it comes to being a senior they shit on you. And they wonder why alumni satisfaction is low. >.< So all I've had to eat today is a few melon gummies and 2 cherry cokes. This plus less than 4 hours of sleep and a evil final means that I'm in a rather odd mood at the moment. Yay. The world is all disconnected but vaguely out to get me.

Oh, and I finally remembered to pick up my certificate from the modeling competition. It's pretty funny that I can match/have the school's best score of the year in both of the math things, yet have had to withdraw from 3 out of 6 math classes I've taken here. That says something about something, I'm just not sure what.
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