April 18th, 2002

cranky, stressed, annoyed, frustrated


Now I really don't wanna go to class. I threw up last night. >.<

My stomach hasn't been right for a while now. I don't know what's up with it. I'm hoping it's only stress, because then it will go away when school gets out.

I was over 10 minutes late to Differential Equations this morning, because I got on the computer before class.

My eyes hurt and my face is all blotchy (I can't tell if it is any more blotchy than usual, because when I feel like crap I always look worse to myself).

I emailed my practicum people and told them I won't be in today. I can't imagine working with kids when I feel like this much crap. Anyway, it's Project Week for them so I wouldn't even be working with my normal class. I'm going to make it up by going in next Thursday even though I'm supposed to be done after Tuesday.

I still have to go to Linear Algebra today. Bleh. Orthogonal matrices again.
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knife, arr!, smack

Oh goody

I fell down outside the Bon after dinner tonight. >.<

Tomorrow, I shall go to the Health Center and see if my various crappinesses all fit the profile of some actual illness, or whether I'm just having a bad week.

In the meantime, I have a choir rehearsal.
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