April 17th, 2002

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Geekin' out

In luinied's journal, I seem to have started a whole thread about linear algebra silliness. This is what's great about LiveJournal. It has just the right concentration of geeks. Too many, and the site becomes incomprehensible and competitive, too few and it's just, well, boring.

In other linear algebra news, I only got 2 out of 10 points on a problem on my geometry midterm because I proved something using linear algebra instead of geometry. (This was a while ago, I just keep forgetting to complain about it.) He wanted me to prove something about incidence matrices, but the property in question was true for all matrices, so I just proved it for matrices in general, and noted that it would therefore work for incidence matrices. Bah. I submitted a completely correct proof, by a perfectly valid and acceptable method. Grr. Ah well, I did decently on the test overall, so I shouldn't complain. But still...grr..

In other grrs, my car's radiator overheated again today. In downtown Portland. Lots of fun. Ah well, I filled the radiator back up and drove it out to the mechanic again. Maybe this time they'll find something wrong. They didn't last time. >.<

In other news, I have a choir concert this weekend. diantha will be playing viola as well. 15:00 on Sunday in the LC Chapel, free. If you're in Portland, come see us do Vivaldi's Gloria. Or at least leave me a creative excuse why you can come. For bonus points, use words/phrases from the following list:
-Improbable contraceptive devices
-Evil twin

Right. I'm going to bed.
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