April 15th, 2002

knife, arr!, smack

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I just got back from driving to Seattle for no good reason. clipdude and I were going to get food, and ended up in Seattle. We waved at Sean's apartment, got gas and came back.

Now birds are chirping and I must do homework for Differential Equations, which is at 08:10. Damn birds.
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Gah! I'm awake!

I got an hour of sleep last night, but I got another hour in the math department between classes, so all is well. I should be doing work, but am instead trying to get Sean to get a LiveJournal account. Whee!
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knife, arr!, smack

Oh, bah

Sean seems to have run off without creating a journal. Hopefully, he'll get around to it later.

In other news, I made a journal for chihuahuachase basically just to preserve the namespace, since we already have squankygurps but maybe I'll come up with something cool to do with it.
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And now, time for a stupid poll

Poll #28155 Am I bothering you?

Am I posting too much today?

Yes, dammit! Now cut it out before I filter you!
No, I need some extra stupidity in my life.
I just like voting in polls.
I hate voting in polls and you can't make me!
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