March 9th, 2002

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I'm hungry again

Bah. I am once again hungry and have no idea how/if I should obtain food.

In other news, clipdude and cabel had a debate tournament today. I went and watched one of their rounds. Unfortunately they didn't win that one. I was hoping to be Chris's good luck charm. ^_^; Oh well.

Last night Squankygurps met in Monteith for the first time. I think this whole meeting on campus thing will work out, although it does make food kind of tricky. We played more of caravan, with qousqous GMing, because I am still way too busy to work more on my pirate illuminati campaign. Elizabeth came for the first time. I don't know if she got a good idea what game is usually like or not. Since clipdude had a debate tournament, with was just me, Elizabeth, qousqous and diantha. I was going to invite marmaladeboy along, since it would be a game with pregenerated characters and little commitment anyway, but I woke her up when I called and beat a hasty retreat. ^_^;. In the course of playing the game, I made a up a card and dice game that that was being played in the bar. qousqous took quite a fancy to it, and after game qousqous, diantha and I went to Fred Meyer's to buy the 4 pinochle decks required for the game. We then went to Jack In The Box and got random food. qousqous then decided to call another friend of his, and we all ended up over at that guy's house playing the card game for hours. It was pretty fun. I'll post the rules once it goes through some more playtesting.

Hmm..I seem to be eating Girl Scout Cookies for dinner. This is bad. I should get off the computer and go find food.
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