March 5th, 2002

food, hungry

Of course, I should be doing homework

I'm getting awfully tired of being in school. I always have some kind of work or other hanging over me. Right now, I should be doing geometry homework, writing up something for education class and working on my thesis. Whee.

My latest thesis progress report actually went pretty well. I talked about some of the main themes I saw in the dub changes, and I brought in a bunch of Card Captor Sakura and CardCaptors toys I've accumulated. ^-^ I also showed the opening credits from each show. I really wish I had the 2nd and 3rd season CCS credits. Does anyone know roughly what they're like? I could easily rent Japanese-only tapes with them, but I don't really want to spend money renting something I can't understand unless they're fairly different from the season one credits.

I haven't been eating well lately. I can never think of what kind of food I want to eat, so I tend to just pick something, not really be in the mood for it, and not eating very much of it. I'm trying to eat healthier than I usually do, but it's hard for me to find things that taste good that way. Today I forgot to eat lunch and then went out to chinese food for dinner. I ordered this dish I remembered liking, but rally only felt like picking the shrimp out of it and leaving all the water chestnuts and celery. So now I'm hungry again. Bah. I have cheese in the fridge, I should eat that, but I don't want to for some reason. I want tasty food to materialize in front of me, and I'm not quite sure what the tasty food should be. I'm craving something, and I have no idea what. I have a feeling it's that lychee gummy candy I've been eating too much recently. But that's not a meal, and I'm hungry. Even if I had a can or two of actual lychee handy, eating that until I'm full would make me die of sheer sweet overload.

Bleh. Now I want to just eat a bunch of candy I bought at Uwajimaya. Not a good plan.

I need to figure out something filling to eat. This is not my strong suit today.

On another subject completely, Sean keeps sending me ICQ messages while I'm not here. I h ope he knows I'm not here (I have it in N/A) at those times and doesn't just think I'm ignoring him. Sean needs to get a LiveJournal yes.

Lalala. I have nothing interesting to say. I'm hungry. I want weird food. I have no idea what specifically, but I want weird food. And not, of course, the weird food I have handy, either. I think I want something spicy. I keep buying weird sweet things and not eating them. I should stop that.

This doesn't hang together well as an entry, but I'm posting it anyway. Whee.
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