August 6th, 2001

broken heart, sad, heart

Well, I'm posting again...

I've been so busy lately, I haven't been posting anything anywhere, either in my journal or at message boards. I think I'll give up on one of the message boards, actually. I just don't really care anymore. I go through and try to think of a forum worth reading, and can't really think of one. I guess it kinda happened when they split things up into so many forums. I don't know why, but it just killed it for me. I suppose all I really hung out in for a while before that was the test forum, and when it became 3 forums I just didn't care enough to follow that anymore. I had a similar problem with off-topic. Ah well. I've been too busy recently to read much anyway, with calculus and all.

I've updated my quotes page a while back (sample quote: "Cheese isn't as sexy as sex is cheesy."), and put up a new entry at my other journal just tonight, because I can't sleep. I've been talking to Sean nearly every day recently. That could be why I can't sleep, or it could be the mocha brownie I had with dinner tonight.

My GURPS group's had another few sessions, too. The wrapped up the part of the plot about the chihuahua and are now trying to decide if they should take the strange man up on his invitation to go boating. I don't run normal games...I'll get all of this written up nicely at SquankyGURPS later. (I use the id "CaptainSquanky there. This is because I'm not sure I want my real life friends to find this account easily. Therefore, I'd like it if people who have me friended could refrain from friending SquankyGURPS or CaptainSquanky, if you don't mind. I'll let y'all know if I ever post over there, really.) Oh, and speaking of people who have me friended, I'd appreciate it if people who write frequent/important friends-only entries that I could see would comment to this entry saying so, so I'd know to check their journals while logged in every now and then. I'm usually logged out, since I like to use my cookieless, javaless, javascriptless, imageless browser for everyday stuff. I may not post much, but I read every entry of everyone on my friend's list. Really. Sometimes it takes me a day or two, but I read them all.

I'd better go to bed, I have to be up at 06:30 so I can go to math.
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