July 1st, 2001

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I seem to have forgotten to write in this again

I've been pretty busy recently. Last week, I started calculus. It took a fucking week to get all of my registration crap settled. They didn't have me registered for calc 1 because their computer didn't think I had the prerequisite, which I'd taken at my real college. And the class was overfull. So they put me in the class at a different campus. And this class overlaps with my calc 2 class by 3 weeks. >.<. So I have to get a prerequisite waiver, a late add, and a time overlap form signed. Right. Finally, I just cried at a secretary until they cut through the bureaucracy for me. This was after 2 days of banging my head against the wall, and is the only thing I've even found to work at this community college. So now I'll all registered. Then I find out that in order to get my accommodations for my learning disability, I have to meet with their learning disability people, even though I have a letter from the people at Lewis and Clark stating exactly what my disabilities are. Yippee. So I do that Friday. And they tell me that they have a policy against allowing memory aids as accommodations, because they have such a potential to cause problems. Yeah. And not letting me have them significantly increases my potential of doing stupid things like transposing Xsub1 and Xsub2. Grr. After about a half an hour and me pointing out that it's in my letter of disability (and almost starting to cry again) they finally decided to make an exception for me as long as I keep quiet about it. So that's out of the way. Hopefully, Monday will go well. If the professor gives me shit about my letter of disability, I'm going to be pissed. I'm tired of this school, and it's only been a week.

In other news, I finally started a new GURPS campaign. The PCs are currently tracking dognappers to France and have about a day to find a chicken suit, a bonnet, ballet slippers and all kinds of other fun things. I never run nice, normal campaigns in which players get to run around and kill things.

At the game Saturday night, we celebrated 4 birthdays, of which mine was the closest in actual date. (Only a month and a half off). 'twas fun. We started with the youngest person who wanted his birthday celebrated and ending with the oldest. We just added more candles to the cake as needed. In an interesting piece of symmetry, both the youngest and oldest were people named Chris who were born on February 6th. Half of the people (and all of the guys) in my gaming group are named Chris. It's a little odd.

I should be sleeping, but I'm talking to Sean online, trying to get IRC to work (I think dad's firewall is blocking ident) and writing this crappy journal entry. Yay me.
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