May 22nd, 2001

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Angry (not really, trying to test picture keywords)

Well, I just got around to uploading another couple of user pictures to livejournal. If all went well, this entry will have a different picture than usual, one I keyed to such words as "angry" and "smite". If not, then I actually will be, if not angry, then mildly cranky, as I couldn't find very good info on this in my (cursory) examination of the FAQ. Here goes nothing. Whee!
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Oh, NOW I get it...

I figured out why I was having picture problems. (Sort of). I wasn't getting that menu, most likely because I have Java, Javascript and Cookies all turned off. One or another of those must be required for that function to work. So bah. Never mind then. (I thought it searched for words in your journal entry that you had associated with pictures. This seems reasonable since it asked for "keywords" and I never saw the pulldown menu.) *sigh*. Reality is rarely as cool as we think it will be...
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