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The lack of a beanie is overwhelming

So, I did not get a letter from the teaching program today. On Friday, I left a message on their answering machine (they have apparently stopped answering their main phone line) telling them that I really needed to know one way or the other, as I needed to put in 30 days notice on my apartment and find a new place to live.

They called me on Monday and woke me up. They said they were having a meeting about it later that day, so it should all be decided soon. Thus, this week found me in a resurgence of hope of getting an up or down of some kind. Since I never get any mail, I've been checking the mailbox several times a day just in case the mail comes later than I think it does.

There has been a profound lack of propeller beanies all week.

However, I had two dreams about it last night. In both of them, I got a reply on a grocery-store-style receipt (with purple dot-matrix printing) rather than a letter. In one, I got rejected, so I got really angry and tore up the Saturday paper while screaming something about how they could at least tell me properly. In the other, the receipt was so incomprehensible that I could not tell if I was in or not.

I also had a very stressful dream about a kitten.

Fuck you so much, subconscious.

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