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No beanie today


Tomorrow, I will call again, even though I am sure that they will say "Friday".

I wish I had applied somewhere else. I don't even want to be in a program this disorganized, but I really have no other ideas on what to do with myself. I'd be tempted to do one of those teach in Japan things, except that I hate people and thus don't play well with roommates. Also, I can't eat soy (although that might change after I see a gastro on June 9th), which would making living in an Asian country where I don't speak the language an exercise in frustration and illness. My uncle thinks I should, though, and started trying to compare it to when he went over to Vietnam to fight in the war, which I thought was a really odd comparison.

Also, my family shouldn't try to eat in restaurants anymore. 4 out of 7 of us had crazy special orders, 3 of which were due to food sensitivities. (We left a big tip.)

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