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To honor another year of my crazy time-travelin' adventure (I travel at the rate of one year per year), I'm going to have a party next Saturday, on the 14th, at my dad's place in Aloha. I plan on people arriving about 1900 or so, firing up the grill at 2000 - 2100 or whenever people get hungry, and having cake a little after midnight, as my birthday is actually the 15th.

While I'll have some food on hand, it would be good if everyone brought their own something-to-grill. This keeps me from having to keep up with the food needs and preferences of a diverse group of people, and insures that the vegetarians only get stuck with gardenburgers if that's what they actually want to eat.

I'd appreciate it if people would comment here and let me know if they are coming, so I have some idea what the numbers will be like. Also, if anyone needs a ride from Eugene (or points between Eugene and Portland), I'm heading up Friday and clipdude is heading up late Saturday, so it is possible that something could be arranged.

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