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Grades are in

I got an A in Abstract Algebra II. I think this is my first straight "A" in a math class (as opposed to, say, a CS class with math numbering or something) since calc II, although I can no longer remember my discrete math grade at all. Anyway, it's not going to really count for anything or impress anybody since my transcripts are already sent off to the grad program and everything, but I'm just happy that I actually managed to keep up my streak of doing all the homework and turning it in on time going all term and that the material kept making sense (these are probably related, but it also helps that this is a fun part of math that makes sense to me). Also, last term he let the people with A's the previous term out of the final if they did extra stuff during the term. It'd be pretty cool if I could get in on that this time, since then I could have finals week as a vacation (important since if I get in the grad program I'll be in school for the summer). We'll have to wait and see.

I have this horrible problem with math wherein certain parts of it are very interesting to me so I keep thinking I like math. Then I take classes like differential equations and remember that I don't. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to spend extra money and take number theory next term as well, even though I really don't need to. I think common sense will prevail, even though it looks shiny.
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