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Interesting fact! (To me, anyway)

There are 7 user accounts that list Dana Lyons as an interest. Of those 7, 3 also list Gordon Lightfoot. There are at least 2 other people in the world that like the same music I do! Hah! I am going to pretend that this means that my tastes are not abnormal in the least and that The Man is simply keeping decent music off of mainstream radio for his own nefarious purposes, rather than reaching the more obvious conclusion that somewhere on the internet, there is at least one other person into pretty much everything. It's much more fun this way.

So anyway, hello new people. You're under no obligation to friend me back or anything (as if I had some way to obligate you to do that anyway), but I figured my friends list could do with a little new blood anyway.

In other LiveJournal news, I am highly annoyed that they have not yet fixed the bug that causes all userpics and shit to be broken in S1 custom styles. You'd think that if a bug affected paid-users only, and specifically a feature that is the reason many people buy paid accounts, they'd revert whatever change it was that broke it until they had time to fix the bug. I wish that consumer-level services like this would have better levels of service. I spend way more than most other people I know for web hosting just to get a decent uptime guarantee, phone based support, and all those goodies, but there really isn't a suitable alternative for LiveJournal since it's the community that keeps me here. Bah.

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