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Interview clothes

I have an interview with the teaching program at UO on Thursday, right after my Abstract Algebra final (well, an hour or so after, so I have time grab dinner in between). I now have three days to figure out what in hell to wear to it. I figure that they probably don't expect a suit level of formality, but that jeans, a T-shirt, and a flannel overshirt wouldn't be my best bet either. I'm going to try to wear something about the formality level of "teacher clothes", or maybe a little more formal.

What I really want to wear is a pair of black cotton pants, a white or cream blouse, and a nice vest. While I have the pants, I am well aware that clothing manufacturers hate me and do not make vests or non-stretchy blouses for those with my figure (nor do they make swimsuit tops, but that's another issue). Now I need to decide I want to spend the next three days throwing fits in department stores or if I want to try to come up with something else that might look good. I'd really prefer something long-sleeved, but the weather's been too nice for sweaters and I don't own any suitable blouses (I have a tuxedo shirt and a shirt made out of gauze, and that's about it for non-stretchy tops), or any vests that fit well to go with them if I did own them. I will probably end up buying a cardigan, they seem to be making those again this year, but I want a goddamn vest. Why does no one make vests for busty people?

I can't really wear a skirt because I have no suitable shoes to wear with one, and since I need extra wide men's shoes (extra wide women's shoes are not wide enough for my orthotics, which are wider than my feet), I am unlikely to find any before Thursday. I didn't have much luck finding dress shoes before then, either, since I don't want heels or sandals. I do have a decent pair of black somewhat-dressy lace-up shoes, though, so as long as I wear black pants I'm set.

Why do I make so many posts in here about clothes? Ah yes, because it is far easier than shopping for them, yet I can pretend I am accomplishing something.

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